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Manufacturing method of foot cover for furniture

Furniture is a common daily life product. Common furniture includes tables, chairs, stools, etc. These furniture are supported by supporting feet. During daily use, because the furniture is often moved, the supporting feet and the ground often rub against each other. Problems, general wooden furniture is prone to bumping and abrasion when moving, which will seriously damage the supporting feet and cause the entire furniture to be used normally. However, even if metal furniture with higher strength is used, it will There is a phenomenon that the supporting feet cause abrasion to the ground, it is easy to scratch the floor or the floor, and friction between them is easy to generate noise.

In order to solve the above problems, Chinese patent literature (application number: 201020687522.0) discloses a table and chair leg cover, including a table and chair leg cover. The table and chair leg cover is made of two layers of leather, the bottom of the leg cover is a leather back, and the legs The upper end of the sleeve is provided with a double-layer waist belt, and a belt strip with buckles and eyelets is worn in the middle. When the legs of the table and chair are secured, the belt strips can be tightened to securely fix the legs of the table and chair.

Although the above solution solves the existing problems to some extent, it still has the following deficiencies: for example, the fixation is not strong enough, the protective sleeve is easy to slip off during the moving process, the installation process is complicated, and the support feet still cause wear on the ground. Phenomenon, easy to scratch the ground or floor, friction between each other is easy to produce noise.


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