What are the characteristics of Teflon feet glides?

PTFE; Teflon; Teflon; teflon; Teflon; F4. The molecular formula is-[CF2 = CF2]-n, which is a perfluorinated crystalline thermoplastic, and the resin is white in color. 1) Teflon film and sheet specifications:

0.03 / 0.05mm thickness, 150mm width, unlimited length;

Thickness 0.08 0.1 0.2 width is less than 300, length is not limited;

The thickness is 0.3 0.5 0.8 1.0 1.5 2.0mm, the width is less than 1000mm, and the length is not limited.

The surface can be sodiumized according to customer requirements. The treated film (sheet) will not easily fall off after being glued.

Available in black / white. Other colors can be customized.

的 The characteristics of Teflon foot pads are as follows:

1, non-sticky: almost all substances do not adhere to the coating film. Very thin films also show good non-stick properties.

2. Abrasion resistance: Under high load, it has excellent abrasion resistance. Under certain load, it has the dual advantages of wear resistance and non-adhesion.

3. Sliding property: The coating film has a low friction coefficient. The friction coefficient changes when the load slides, but the value is only between 0.05-0.15.

4. Heat resistance: The film has excellent heat resistance and low temperature resistance. It can withstand high temperature to 300 ℃ in a short time, and can be used continuously between 200 ℃ ~ 260 ℃. It has significant thermal stability. It can work at freezing temperature without embrittlement and does not melt at high temperature.

5. Corrosion resistance: It is hardly affected by chemicals and can withstand all strong acids (including aqua regia), strong oxidants, reducing agents and various kinds except for molten alkali metals, fluorinated media and sodium hydroxide above 300 ° C. The role of organic solvents can protect parts from any kind of chemical corrosion.

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