Features of Teflon on the foot pad

The Teflon foot pads used on the mouse have strange shapes, so it is difficult to have a clear division standard. Large-area foot pads bring a stable sense of movement, but obviously the friction will be higher, which means that they are not as dexterous as small-foot pads. Therefore, choosing between large and small pads is a topic that is almost inconclusive. Two different size and shape foot pads. In fact, it is currently difficult to find two mouse pads with the same foot pad shape.

Teflon's high abrasion resistance is also an important factor for its use as a foot pad. If you are just surfing the Internet, a set of foot pads can be used for a year or several years, and because of their stable characteristics, there will not be a big difference in feel even if the foot pads are smooth.

Another feature of Teflon foot pads is that they match well with plastic synthetic mouse pads. A mouse with this kind of foot has almost no graininess when it moves on the surface of a plastic mouse pad. Because the surface of the plastic mouse pad is relatively slippery, it is difficult to control the movement of ordinary sticks on the top, and it will have a strong grainy feeling. The two shortcomings of the special mouse pad can make up for these two disadvantages. The thickness can effectively reduce the graininess of the rough surface of the mouse pad and make the mouse move more smoothly. Secondly, the relatively astringent surface can increase the friction coefficient with the mouse pad, turning the difficult to control slip into easy to control, which is perfect. Cooperate with the player's actions.

Plastic mouse pad, but due to cost issues, it has gradually become niche

For the common cloth mouse pads nowadays, because of its relatively astringent surface, paired with Teflon foot pads, it will bring a relatively large braking feeling. Therefore, if you like the feel of stop and stop, the combination of cloth mouse pad and Teflon is also a good choice. The popular cloth mouse pad has become the choice of most users, and the matching with Teflon foot pads is also gradually recognized.

Write at the end

Teflon foot mats are undoubtedly the mainstream now, and most of the games or working mice we have evaluated use this material. However, it can be seen that many new material mouse pads have gradually appeared on the market, similar to resin, glass, metal, etc. However, due to cost or stability issues, there is still no ability to break its monopoly. In a short period of time, I think it is difficult to find materials that can completely replace it. So, if you want to choose a standing foot mat that suits you, basically you can't get around Teflon.

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