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WEILIYS HOUSEWARES PRODUCTS CO.,LIMITED is a China manufacturer of furniture leg pads and furniture accessories. The main products include Teflon chair slides, wooden floor chair slide pads, furniture slides, furniture leg pads, caster cups, level brackets, swivel Level, rigid level, hexagonal level, adjustable feet, level pad, furniture sliding feet, level ruler, leg leveler, rotary slider, rigid slider, tack slider, table slider, table slider , Self-adhesive felt pads, self-adhesive felt pads, floor protection pads, furniture sliders, moving sliders, plastic sliders, peel and paste polyurethane pads and bumpers, threaded pipe inserts, pipe ends, tubing covers, vinyl covers , Vibration mounts and custom threaded components.

We provide products of high quality and most competitive prices. Reduce noise and vibration, save wear and tear on the floor, create a quiet environment, and make listening better. Ideal for classroom desks and chairs, cafeteria and library tables and chairs, and will be your ideal choice. Become a long-term reliable Chinese supplier from now on.


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Contacts: Nick Xie

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E-mail: info@weiliys.com

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Address: No. 628, Yingtou Group, Jinji Village, Huibo Avenue, Jiangbei, Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China.